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MakeHDR is a GPU accelerated OpenFX plug-in for merging multiple LDR images into a single HDRI.

v1.1 Release notes

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

Feature notes

  • Merge up to 16 inputs with 8, 10 or 12 bit depth processing
  • GPU acceleration with Nvidia CUDA solver
  • User friendly logarithmic Tone Mapping controls within the tool
  • Advanced controls such as Sampling rate and Smoothness
  • Available at cross platform on Linux, MacOS and Windows

Works consistent in compositing applications like Fusion, Natron and Nuke

How to Install

Extract MakeHDR.ofx.bundle / MakeHDR_Pro.ofx.bundle to your system's default OFX_PLUGIN_PATH or where the environment variable is set to.

How to Use

  • Create MakeHDR node within your DCC app.
  • Connect your source images shot with multiple shutter speed up to 16 inputs.
  • Fill the details of exposure times in seconds for appropriate inputs, i.e. for 1/250 shutter speed enter 0.004.

Node Parameters

  • Use CUDA solver: Enables GPU acceleration with Nvidia CUDA
exposure times
  • 1-16: Shutter speeds of corresponding source input in seconds
tone mapping
  • exposure: Exposure aka f-stop offset
  • gamma: Gamma correction
  • highlights: Logarithmic highlights compensation
  • input depth: 8, 10 or 12 bit input image processing.
  • show samples: Show sample pixels for debugging purposes.
  • sampling: Sampling count squared, 8 means 64 total samples.
  • smoothness: Normalized smoothing of the response curve.
  • log level: Log verbosity level of the node

System Requirements

  • It has been tested on CentOS 7 compiled with GCC 4.8.5, MacOS 10.13 and Windows 10.
  • Note that GPU acceleration requires Nvidia GPU and CUDA 11.0 runtime, therefore is not available on MacOS, however it still supports a CPU solver for non Nvidia cards.


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